Manager or Leader


manager-or-leaderI was attending a Global Leadership Summit this weekend, and learned a lot about how to lead people. I started thinking about the managers I have been working for over the last 25 years and I realized that I have been working for two main categories of Managers:

Leaders and Managers
When I thought about some of the “Leaders” I have worked for, I look back on the employment with joy. These people “showed the way” and lead me in the right direction – sometimes even without me knowing that I was being led.

But I have also worked under managers who tries to control everything. The Italian word for manager “maneggiare” explains the difference. To “maneggiare” means “to control,” and was especially used with reference to training horses. Probably the “managers/ maneggiare’s” should look for a job where they can train horses. I think that a lot of value creation is destructed by these type of managers.

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